Use Your Air Fryer Appliance For This Recipe That Goes Far Beyond Appetizer Fare

kFor far too long, items on the “appetizers” list of just about any restaurant have been of the deep fried variety and little else. What mostly makes this the case is logistics: These finger foods need to be prepared quickly and served before the main course arrives – so what better way to accomplish that than to throw them in a bath of hot oil and forget about it until the timer goes off, right? We’re here to say that there’s a  healthier and more efficient way to cook your favorite fried foods than through the traditional methods. Reading Power Air Fryer reviews will show you that you don’t need a bucket of unhealthy vegetable oil to fry foods these days. Air fryers circulate super-heated air to brown and crisp foods much the same way a deep fryer does. What’s more, it does so with without oil. It’s also capable of crafting much more than your standard appetizer fare. With that in mind, we’re here to offer a recipe for roast pork loin with red potatoes. We’re pretty sure most people wouldn’t ever expect a dish like this to possibly be prepared using an air fryer, but eating is believing.

You’ll need:

– 2 pounds of pork loin

– 2 large diced red potatoes

– 1 teaspoon of salt

– 1 teaspoon of pepper

– 0.5 teaspoon garlic powder

– 0.5 teaspoon of red pepper flakes

– 1 teaspoon of parsley

–  Balsamic glaze


– Sprinkle the seasonings over the pork loin and potatoes

– Place the pork loin and the potatoes in the basket of your air fryer appliance and close. Press the “M” button, scroll to the “Roast” button and set the timer for 25 minutes. Press the “Power” button.

– Once the timer has elapsed, remove the pork loin from the air fryer appliance. Let it rest for a few minutes before slicing.

– Plate the roasted potatoes.

– Slice the pork. Place 4 or 5 slices over the potatoes and drizzle the balsamic glaze over the pork.

– Enjoy!


Ditch The Deep Fryer For This Unconventional Rib Eye Steak Recipe

jConvenience foods come in many forms. It can be the bag of chips or hoagie you purchase from the local corner store. It can also be the hamburger you get from the fast food joint. French fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks and other denizens from the depths of deep fryers certainly constitute “convenience” foods. They are easy to make and even easier to cook due to the straightforward nature of deep frying food: Place in hot oil, remove when brown. Therein lies the problem, however: Deep frying good is inherently unhealthy. We don’t think that giving anything a soaking in extremely hot and fatty oil is how cooking should be done. That’s why we’re here to tout the power air fryer and the better option it presents. By circulating superheated air, air fryers achieve the same browning and crisping of foods that a deep fryer offers, but it does it without oil. Considering the medical studies that show an increased intake of fried food can lead to diabetes, heart conditions and clogged arteries, isn’t now the time to cut it out? With that in mind, we’re going to offer an unconventional recipe for your home air fryer that we’re betting most consumers wouldn’t expect to be possible: a rib eye steak.

You’ll need:
– A 2-pound rib eye steak
– 1 tablespoon of steak rub
– 1 tablespoon of olive oil

– To preheat your air fryer, press the “M” button and scroll to the “French Fries” icon.
– Press the “Power” button and adjust cooking time to 4 minutes at 400 degrees to pre-heat.
– Season the steak on both sides with rub and olive oil.
– Place steak in the Fry Basket.
– Press the “M” button and scroll to the “Steak” icon.
– Press the “Power” button and adjust cooking time to 14 minutes at 400 degrees.
– After 7 minutes, flip the steak.
– When timer is done, remove steak from your air fryer. Let rest for 10 minutes before slicing and serving.

Put Your Air Fryer To Use With This Healthy Family Dinner Recipe

iFamilies are spending less and less time sitting around the same dinner table together. While conflicting or generally busy schedules are likely to blame, we’re certain that there’s time for everyone to still get together and enjoy each other’s company. The risk we run of not getting together for sit-down dinners over a quality meal is the fraying of family ties. If you are truly short on time, we recommend putting an air fryer to use. These appliances fry food much the same way the conventional deep fryer does, but it uses super-heated air in lieu of unhealthy frying oil. With that in mind, we’re here to offer a recipe for roasted chicken with herbs; it’s something you’ve likely cooked more times than you care to count in the oven, but this one has a twist – see if your guests can tell the difference.

You’ll need:

– a 5-pound whole chicken with skin
– 1 teaspoon of garlic powder
– 1 teaspoon of onion powder
– 1 teaspoon of sea salt
– 1 teaspoon of black pepper
– .5 teaspoon of thyme
– 2 teaspoons of olive oil


  1. Season the chicken and rub with olive oil.
  2. Let sit at room temperature for 45 minutes before cooking.
  3. Place the chicken breast side down in the fry basket of your air fryer appliance. Press “M” button and scroll to the “Chicken” icon.
  4. Press the “Power” button and adjust cooking time to 20 minutes at 360 degrees.
  5. When time runs out, carefully turn the chicken over and press the “M” button. Scroll to the “Chicken” icon.
  6. Press the “Power” button and adjust cooking time to 20 minutes at 360 degrees.
  7. Test the chicken with a thermometer for proper temperature, which should be 165 degrees.
  8. Let rest for 20 minutes before serving.

Bring Family And Friends Back To The Dinner Table With Power Air Fryer Meal Preparation

fried chicken wings with tomato sauce on wooden boardGathering around the dinner table for a home cooked meal is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Blame it on hectic schedules, poor communication or the typical ease of take-out, quality time spent with family both preparing a meal and eating together is a rare occurrence these days. We don’t think that should be the case and any number of Power Air Fryer reviews will tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Such air fryer devices use heated air that’s rapidly circulated to cook, crisp and brown foods in much the way a traditional deep fryer does. The difference between the two couldn’t be more drastic, however. While deep fryers rely on large amounts of unhealthy oil to cook food, air fryers do it without any oil at all. The final products are quite similar however, although one is much healthier and contains far fewer calories than the other.


With this in mind, using an air fryer will offer a unique experience that will actually draw your family and friends to the kitchen and divert their eyes from smartphone screens or televisions. Further, reviews of these devices reveal just how well they work. Customers have lauded their air fryers for their ability to replace current appliances, reheat old foods, prepare new dishes and even give some diabetics a way to enjoy fried foods again. Others have said that the lack of oil used in the prep process means a cleaner and better-smelling kitchen while some attest to the ease of use and the simple fact that the Power Air Fryer lives up to the promises it is marketed on.


If you’re looking for an appliance that’s going to cut the clutter out of your kitchen, cut calories out of your favorite guilty pleasures, cook items such as French fries as well as a traditional deep fryer does, then a Power Air Fryer is for you. Just one round in the kitchen with your family will reveal that not only does this appliance please, but it brings everyone back to the dinner table for some much-needed bonding. We’re sure you’ll be just as pleased as thousands of other customers who taken the plunge into grease-free foods.